Software Tools

Google Cloud Platform

  • 구글 클라우드 설명 video blog blog1 sungkim
  • GCP scp link

      > scp -i ~/.ssh/my-ssh-key [LOCAL_FILE_PATH] [USERNAME]@[IP_ADDRESS]:~
      > scp -i ~/.ssh/my-ssh-key [USERNAME]@[IP_ADDRESS]:[REMOTE_FILE_PATH] [LOCAL_FILE_PATH]
  • My GCP External IP

      > jhshin1026@
  • 로컬에서 Jupyter Notebook 쓰기 link

      >> IP: & Port:8888
      > jupyter-notebook --no-browser --port=8888
      > 로컬 Browser에 실행 

powerstat(ubuntu app)

  • powerstat: power measurement tool for Ubuntu
  • command :

’’’ sudo powerstat -R -c -z > dump.txt ‘’’

Actual usages in the literature

  • reference:

ASTESJ example

IEEE example

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