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  • RISC-V Star Rises Among Chip Developers Worldwide (IEEE Spectrum, 2021.04.07)[article]

    “What you’re seeing more and more is that people have control of their own destiny,” Himelstein says. “That’s what Linux taught them, and that’s what they want with hardware.”

  • Build a RISC-V CPU From Scratch by Filip Szkandera (IEEE Spectrum, 2021.05.25)

    In implementing the RISC-V architecture, I was amazed at how much more sense the architecture made compared to the conventional complex instruction set I’d used in my earlier home-brew CPU. Redundancies had been eliminated, and the processor’s registers—the scratchpads that store the CPU’s working memory—were more flexible. Another big advantage was that RISC-V is a well-documented modular design, so I knew just what each block had to do.