Quantum Computing

Quantum computing review

  • Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists video
  • Alexandre Blais - Quantum Computing with Superconducting Qubits - CSSQI 2012 video1 video2
  • Quantum Computing & the Entanglement - John Preskill video

  • Berkeley course “Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation” video lecture series by Professor Umesh Vazirani playlist

Quantum algorithms

  • Small quantum fourier transforms, QuTech Academy video
  • Hacking at quantum speed with Shor’s Algorithm, Infinite Series video

Quantum computing hardwares

  • Maintaining coherence in quantum computers by W. G. Unruch (1995)
  • M. Suchara et. al. arXiv:1312.2316 (2013)
  • T2 times: coherence times of superconducting qubits
  • Near-Term: Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum Computing (NISQ), maybe ~100 qubits available, Preskil
  • Noisy devices without full error correction, ~100qubits, decoherence, gate errors, measurement errors…
  • algorithms need to be designed with noisy hardware in mind
  • possible approach: short-depth circuits
  • how could we deal with decoherence? PRL 119, 180509 (2017)
  • quality is not abruptly degraded. It’s smooth. can be make the forgetting curve better like 1-exp(-x) ?
  • probabilistic error cancellation, zero noise extrapolation